The Honourable Gaston Browne, Leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party responds to the UPP Manifesto

 In Antigua and Barbuda

The UPP has finally launched its manifesto a mere 6 days before the general election.

With all the time, they took to present it, the nation had a right to expect a comprehensive document that lays-out a well thought-out and fully costed plan for our country’s economic growth and social advancement.

Instead what they delivered is not hope, but disappointment.

The UPP manifesto can best be described as extensive plagiarism, worthless promises, and guaranteed folly.

The UPP has simply stolen policy positions that have been stated in the ABLP manifesto or that the ABLP government has already implemented.

Apart from outlandish and unrealistic promises, there are no new ideas in the UPP manifesto, and no concrete projects to provide jobs.

Instead of offering hope as they claim, they are proposing calamity.

As examples, they say that they will reduce energy prices within two weeks, including the cost of gasoline, diesel and the fuel variation charge.

The technical officers of APUA, the West Indies Oil Company and the Ministry of Finance have already firmly stated that this would be economic suicide, leading to considerable hardship for every single person in our country.

If the pie-in-the-sky promise to reduce the fuel variation charge by 25% were to be executed, there would be an immediate loss in revenue to APUA of $37.5 million per annum.

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