Response to Observer Media Article

 In Antigua and Barbuda

In the tradition and style of the Observer Media Group, Mr Darren Derrick has been extremely economical with the truth.

First, at no time did the ABLP ask for any discount from the Observer Group.  We challenge Mr Derrick to produce the evidence of that blatant untruth.

Second, we maintain that the quality of the service that we received from the Observer Group was poor and its reactions to complaints were rude, offensive and extremely haughty.

Third, the bias of the Observer Group against the ABLP was glaringly evident at all time, particularly when it shared the ABLP ads with the PRO of the UPP is advance of publishing them.  See the screenshot of its email below:

Fourth, the Observer Group claimed that ABLP ads were defamatory.   Yet, when asked to provide the evidence or legal opinion asserting such defamation, it did not once do so.   The only communications were the emails in the screenshot below.

Fifth, the ABLP pulled its ads from the Observer Group because we contracted with it to provide a service that it failed to do.

Sixth, the faction of the Derrick family that manipulates the Observer Group attempt to clothe themselves in sanctimonious righteousness while using their privileged position as the only newspaper in Antigua and Barbuda to peddle their own prejudiced agenda.

For instance, one of the ads that they refused to carry on the basis of defamation is one that responded to the Billboard that represented a 6-year old child as saying that he can’t wait for his parents to die so that he can take over.  Our ad deplored the violation of a child and called for decency and respect, important values in our society.   The ad did not mention the name of one person or organization.  Yet the Observer Group claimed that it was defamatory.

The Observer Group is not an unbiased reporter of truth and fact; its staff members are compelled to two a Derrick line.  To claim to be anything else is to trample on truth.   Little wonder that its Newspaper circulation has dwindled; its publication has been reduced to three times a week; and its radio audience has lost market share.

The Observer Group fooled some of the people some of the time.  People know better than to continue to be fooled.  That is why the Observer Group is collapsing.

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