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Press Release.

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) advises the public, and the Groups officially observing the general elections, that Observer Radio has been censoring paid advertisements by the ABLP by refusing to carry them without any explanation.

On Wednesday, March 14, at 7.36 am, Caecilia Derrick informed the ABLP by email as follows:
“Observer (sic) will not air the following ads: Gizelle, Ugly little liars. Please be guided accordingly”. Subsequently, Ms Derrick sent another email stating, “I forgot one ad that we will not be aired on Observer Radio which is the Billboard ad”.
It should be noted that no explanation was given for refusing to carry any of these paid advertisements.

The ABLP advertisements were cleared in advance by Attorneys, so the Party is confident that they contain no defamation of anyone.

The ABLP is further alarmed that, on Tuesday, March 6 at 11.20 am, by email the Observer Radio station sent the ABLP advertisements to Damani Tabor, the Public Relations Officer of the United Progressive Party (UPP), in clear violation of every legal responsibility to a client. It also smacks of political bias and partisanship.

The ABLP is aware of the transmission of its advertisements to Damani Taylor, because the Observer accidentally included us in the email.

The Billboard ad, which Observer radio causally told the ABLP it will not carry, without any explanation, simply objects to the violation of a six-year old child and calls for respect for the principles of decency and responsibility which are valued principles in our society.
Note should be taken that all other media, all of which are privately-owned except for ABS, have carried the ABLP paid advertisements without any form of censorship.

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