In Antigua and Barbuda
The Government of Antigua and Barbuda under the leadership of Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne, has announced the pending commencement of a US 5 Million-dollar housing project themed “Social Housing.
Prime Minister Browne, while speaking on social protection initiatives during his Budget presentation in January, indicated that as the economy grows, it is imperative that all segments of the economy share in the fruits of the said growth.
The country’s leader said that the social housing project will target the poor and vulnerable in urban communities, with the first phase addressing areas that are prone to various socio-economic vulnerabilities.  The project, which will mainly focus on low-income families, will also include the provision of housing for mixed-income families.  The new homes will be equipped with modern building techniques, green energy efficiency and a centralized sewage system.
The US 5 Million dollars is a grant from the Mexican government and will be administrated through the Caribbean Development Bank after an appraisal team completes its assessment.  The areas selected for this project include the Point and Villa communities, specifically “Booby-Alley” area, the Grays Farm and Green Bay communities, Tinning Village (Perry Bay), and Ottos communities.
Currently, members of a working team are actively meeting with the Caribbean Development Bank on a collaborative level. The working team first commenced their duties in the Booby-Alley area.
Meanwhile, a six-member technical team from the Caribbean Development Bank is expected on island to appraise the project with the intention of finalizing the funding programme.  They will also assess the feasibility and strengthening capabilities of the current National Housing administration.
The Social Housing project, which is the first of several projects under the Prime Minister’s Social Programme initiative, will be executed by the National Housing and Urban Renewal Company Limited.
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