Robin Yearwood

Robin Yearwood

St. Philip North

Robin Yearwood has served as a representative for St. Phillip’s North in Antigua and Barbuda’s Parliament since 1978. Over the past decades, he has built a lasting and fulfilling relationship with the people of this constituency. He believes that it is duty to make a significant contribution to the development of his beloved homeland.

During his time as a representative, Robin has served in vital roles in several important spheres. He served as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Minister of Public Utilities and Minister of Public Utilities, Public Works and Energy. He currently serves as Minister of Finance, Public Utilities, Housing and Aviation and holds the important position of Deputy Prime Minister.

Robin has always epitomized what proper representation is all about and because of his tremendous work on behalf of his constituency, he has earned the trust of the people of St. Phillip’s North, which he has represented dutifully and selflessly for the past twenty-five years.

Robin prides himself on the fact that he is part and parcel of St. Phillip’s North. He has brought resilience, a high level of competence, innovation and vision to the tasks at hand as the people’s representative.

Robin Yearwood has been instrumental in the development of St. Phillip’s North and still has an even greater contribution to make to the people of his constituency and Antigua and Barbuda as a whole.