Melford Nicholas

Melford Nicholas

St. John's City East

The ABLP Candidate for St. John’s City East – Melford Nicholas has led a successful and distinguished career in the Private Sector. He spent approximately 25 years in the Telecommunications Industry and amassed a wealth of experience in industrial relations and various business disciplines. He last held the position of Chief Operation Officer at Cable & Wireless Antigua Business Unit and Vice President of Sales and Business Development for the OECS Territory.

Mr. Nicholas’ presence on the ABLP’s ticket represents the commitment of the Party to restore effective representation to the People of St. John’s City East who for the past ten years have had to endure neglect, dilapidated infrastructure, poor sanitation, exorbitant electricity rates, negligible community development, youth delinquency and high unemployment particularly among the youths. Mr. Nicholas intends to change that by bringing to the people his unique blend of business experience coupled with his capacity as an advocate for working class people’s welfare and also as a community organizer.

The majority of the residents of St. John’s City East are working class people who rely on the government of the day to preside over the affairs of state in such a manner that they are able to find work, a decent place to live and on the social services of education and health care to provide them the enablement that they need to propel themselves to the next level of social advancement.

Upon being elected to office, Mr. Nicholas will immediately implement programs and actions that are designed to re-create a positive environment that will once again make Antigua and Barbuda attractive to investment. He will work with his allies to repeal the personal income tax, which will have an immediate stimulative effect on consumer demand and purchases and will work on investing the public’s monies in projects that help to enhance and create more wealth and economic opportunities.