Dean Jonas

Dean Jonas

St. George

Dean Jonas has been an influential member of the St. George community for many years. He is deeply committed to improving the quality of life for his fellow residents from the ground up. It is his firm belief that the youth of Antigua are the future and that the government must invest in them in order to promote progress.

He has many ideas on how to improve St. George and Antigua as a whole, ranging from education to youth outreach. Mr. Jonas has been instrumental in the opening and equipping of volunteer learning resource centers that offer tutoring in CXC Math, English A and computer literacy for younger students, as well as adult instruction courses for the residents of St. George. He has also been involved in increasing the number of sports initiatives offered to the youth of the community, including organizing leagues and sponsoring teams for football, cricket, basketball and netball.

If elected, Mr. Jonas has promised to expand these programs, as well as improving clinics offering medical services for residents of St. George. He will establish an Advisory Board to guide and monitor the programs he wants to implement, in order to ensure that the work is being done quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Jonas is very serious about properly representing his constituent’s interests in an accountable and transparent manner. He will truly represent the heart of Antigua if given the chance, and will do all that he can to improve the lives of each and every resident.