Colin James

Colin James

All Saints East & St. Luke

Colin James has progressed from being an astute community
activist, career-sports leader and internationally-renowned
journalist and media personality, to a competent politician.

Colin’s seamless transition to elective politics came in 2012
when he was approached by the Antigua & Barbuda Labour
Party (ABLP) political leader Gaston Browne to contest the All
Saints East & St Luke constituency.

After leaving the Antigua Grammar School, Colin has been
ever-present in his birth-village of All Saints. He broadened his
horizons to serve on the national, regional and international
levels to affect the lives and livelihoods of people in a positive

His simultaneous venture into community activities and media
afforded him the opportunity to understand the nuances of
social, economic and political issues on all fronts.

Colin has always been a people-person and has demonstrated
this trait in no small measure with countless contributions and
donations to individuals, schools, sports clubs, groups,
organizations and religious bodies.

His leadership quality has seen him pioneer the formation of the
Young Warriors Football Club which has produced scores of
talented footballers who have represented Antigua & Barbuda at
all levels.

He has also served in senior positions in other organizations
such as the All Saints Drama Group (ASDRAG), All Saints
Anglican Church Servers, Antigua & Barbuda Media Congress
(ABMC), Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA).

Colin took a job with the Antigua & Barbuda Employers’
Federation (ABEF) where he interacted with top corporate
executives, key union officers and employees. During this time,
he expanded his knowledge by taking extra courses and
attending seminars and conferences on topics ranging from
industrial relations to public relations and marketing.
Throughout his highly-successful media career, he has worked
with top Antiguan and Caribbean news outlets such as ABS
Radio/TV, ZDK Radio, The Antigua Sun, the Caribbean Media
Corporation (CMC), the Barbados Nation, The Jamaica
OBSERVER and the Trinidad Express. Internationally, his work
has appeared in top media outlets like Reuters, Associated Press
(AP), Agency France Press (AFP) and Inter-Press.
He has also done freelance work for the New York Times, the
Miami Herald and The Mail on Sunday.

He is also a founding-board member of Antigua and Barbuda

Coalition of Services Industries and serves on the Education &
Public Relations sub-committee for the Task Force on
Trafficking in Persons.

Colin is a family man, having been married for the past 26 years
to Shane James; a union which has produced three sons: Colin
Jr., Caric and Canya. He is closely connected to his parents
Alfred (Colo) & Tessie (Aunt Tes) James and his three siblings:
Vorne, Avery and Clint as well as his nieces and nephew.

Your only choice is to elect Colin “Tin Tin” James to be the
next Parliamentary Representative for the All Saints East & St
Luke constituency.