Arthur Nibbs

Arthur Nibbs


Arthur Nibbs first contested a seat on the Barbuda Council in 1977. Although he received a great deal of support, the electorate decided that he was just a little bit too young. He ran again two years later, and was elected to the council. For the past ten years, he has served as Chairman of the Council, working to bring needed development dollars to Barbuda.

As a young council member, Arthur was a part of the effort to secure political independence from Britain for Barbuda and Antigua. He served as a member of the Barbuda delegation in talks with Sir Stanley Arthur, the British Government Representative in the Caribbean, and represented Barbuda at the British Foreign Office in London.
He was also a member of the delegation that met at the Royal Lancaster House in London to discuss Independence for Antigua & Barbuda. That delegation was mandated to seek a separate future for Barbuda from the island of Antigua. In 1981, Nibbs was chiefly responsible for reviewing the relationship between the Government of Antigua and the Barbuda Council, on behalf of the council and the people of Barbuda.

Arthur is a firm believer in the cooperative movement, and presently serves as President of the Barbuda Fishermen Cooperative Society and a Director in the Barbuda Farmers’ Cooperative Society. He is a part-time farmer, particularly attracted to organic farming. He is also a firm believer in the protection and sustainable use of the environment, seeing Eco-Tourism as a great opportunity to create jobs on Barbuda.

Nibbs is a leader of sports. He is open batsman for his club side Nuff Respect. He also plays table tennis, volleyball and Long Jump.

Arthur Nibbs is a mover for change and a true believer in Caribbean Integration – a Caribbean citizen.